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Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons

Aug 26, 2020

In this episode, we continue to explore holistic healing with a Naturopathic doctor. Dr. Wdowin has been called “80% magic and 80% woman.” We discuss mind-body healing, detoxification, and much more.

We have five mantras from the show:

Mantra #1: We are complex, unique, magical human beings (and we must honor ourselves in this way).

Mantra #2: We can connect to the magic through ceremony. Even blessing the herbs we are about to take can be an important ceremonial gesture.

Mantra #3: Naturopathic medicine is about getting down to the root issue.

Mantra #4: COVID19 is a great time to embark on a self-care / wellness project.

Mantra #5: Detoxification is a great way to rid the body of the over 80,000 chemicals that are currently circulating around our mind-body systems.

More about Dr. Heather Wdowin

Dr. Wdowin is an educator, author, speaker, naturalist, traveler, and host of “The Bad Girls’ Guide to Living Well”. Her colleagues call her a “naturopathic renegade and eclectic physician”.

One of her enemies once said she was “80% magic, and 20% woman”. She has circumnavigated the planet with a backpack, hiked the Grand Canyon nine times, sailed down the Nile, and meditated in the queen’s chamber of the great pyramid, twice. She loves children, animals, and nature. It is her philosophy that the further we get from nature, the sicker we will become.