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Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons

Mar 17, 2021

In this episode, we talk with “glow getter” Sunlighten CEO Connie Zack. She shines through the interview as we discuss the touching genesis story of Sunlighten (her brother’s healing journey from mercury poisoning), the unique healing aspects of infrared light, and the incorporation of sound healing into the Sunlighten sauna system.

We have four powerful mantras from the show.

Mantra #1: Healing can be fun and comfortable

Mantra #2: Healing can be effortless

Mantra #3: Healing can be accessible to all - IF we can be creative

Mantra #4: Surround yourself with people that fill up your bucket

More about Connie Zack
Connie Zack started Sunlighten in a basement in 2002. Along with her husband Aaron, they have grown the business dramatically over the last 16 years.
Today, from its Overland Park Kansas headquarters, Sunlighten develops, designs, and retails infrared light therapies. The company's unique patented Far Infrared technology, and more recently 3 in 1 Infrared light therapies, are globally transforming wellness. Sunlighten headquarters is also home to Sunlight Day Spa, a premium customer-centric spa experience with focus on holistic healing.
Connie is a St. Louis MO native, and received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Indiana University and also studied Italian and French. Connie has always had a passion for communication and does not believe language should be a barrier. Connie and Aaron reside in Leawood KS with their two boys, Hudson and Aiden.


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