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Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons

Jul 29, 2020

In this episode, we continue to explore brain-body modalities for healing and optimal living.

Our guest is Lisa Williams, Lyme Disease survivor/thriver and author of Biohack Your Way Beyond Lyme.

We have five mantras from the show:

Mantra #1: Biohacking starts with our mindset

Mantra #2: Biohacking includes cool technologies that allow us to increase our energy at the cellular level (mitochondrial support)

Mantra #3: Biohacking is about following our intuition when it comes to your health.

Mantra #4: We need a collaborative model for optimal health care.

Mantra #5: Biohacking is about making friends with our own bodies, and connecting to our bodies so that we can come into our own power.

More about Lisa Rudy Williams

Lisa Rudy Williams is a personal coach, biohacking consultant, and alternative health educator. Her mission is to empower individuals to believe in themselves, set a vision for the future and experiment with open-minded curiosity in every area of their life. Lisa is passionate about working with people who seek to take charge of their health in innovative ways and improve their overall well-being by adopting the mindset of a biohacker. With her background in science, research, and neurobiology, she brings a unique perspective to helping clients. Her understanding of the inseparable unity of the brain and body are an important part of her work.

Having battled back from the brink of late-stage Lyme disease and other major health challenges, Lisa is uniquely experienced in working with those who are motivated to move ahead with their own journey to better health. Through her programs, she provides one-on-one and group coaching along with consulting to motivated clients. She is a board-certified health coach with certifications from the Life Purpose Institute and Human Potential Institute. She’s also accredited by the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach.

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Dr. Klinghardt:

Neurofeedback. Listen to more from neurofeedback specialist Santiago Brand, and see the link to NeuroOptimal below. You may also want to listen to my interview with Dr. Mario Martinez on how the brain heals in the slower brain wave states such as Alpha and Theta.