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Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons

Apr 20, 2022

On this episode of Mountain Mantras, I interview Amanda Monnier, an Energy Healer and Mindset Coach. Amanda knows that she was put on this earth to support people in waking up and remembering who they are. 


Amanda empowers her clients and helps them heal from the inside out, break ancestral patterns, and shift into the fullest embodiment of who they are at a soul level.

We discuss what is going on at a planetary level and how we can together create a shift in consciousness for a more connected and sustainable existence. 


We summarize topics with 7 mantras that will help you bring your own personal power back fully on line:

Mantra #1:  Spiritual awakenings come in all flavors, colors, shapes and feelings.

Mantra #2:  Spiritual awakenings are often not fun, but you can remember this: “Better out than in”.

See Emily Fletcher and I sing this “mantra” during my interview with her in episode 105.

Mantra #3: The “how” of creating an alignment between the heart and soul is to raise your frequency. 


Mantra #4: We are on the cusp of the golden age when we will wake up to the essence of who we are (love, joy, ease, flow, etc.).

Manta #5: Set an intention to connect with your higher self, then drop into your body.

We mention Lumari, her book, and my interview with her about Streams of Consciousness.

Mantra #6:  Look for the “full body yes” when making decisions.

Mantra #7: Take what resonates and leave the rest.

More about Amanda

Amanda is an Energy Healer, Certified energetic allergy healing practitioner, Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT 200 and Yin Yoga), Emotion Code Practitioner, certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, and holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She assists her clients in healing old wounds and up-leveling to the highest-soul aligned version of themselves. Amanda is a woman on a mission to create a movement of healed, intuitively-connected humans—people who are truly aligned with their heart & soul, creating a life on their terms, and passionately unleashing their gifts into the world. Amanda is completely committed to her soul work of changing lives.

What is fun for  Amanda Monnier?

Moving my body! I absolutely love it!