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Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons

Nov 29, 2022

Why have I been so grumpy?
Why the under eye bags?

What is this about imposter syndrome?

I’ve been crying. And dealing with some health challenges. Health challenges always suck, but they are especially hard when you’re supposed to be some kind of “wellness expert”.

In this solo cast “short”, I’m going to be brave, and I hope that by listening/watching this episode, you too can be inspired to be a little more brave.

These days I’m not just crying about my health issues. I’ve got some broken plates I’m dealing with (LINK TO EP 124) as well as coming to terms with my tree stump status (LINK 125).


As I type these show notes, I’m sitting in the waiting room of a dermatologist. I’m here for a biopsy that will help us to investigate a tricky little blood marker for autoimmune that came up positive for me. Why is my body attacking itself?  


I’m not going to get all BOO HOO here. In dealing with this “bad news”, I remembered a wonderful clip from SoulPancake that featured an extraordinary young man, Zach Sobiech. I hope SoulPancake won’t be mad that I took about 14 seconds of one of their clips for my podcast- hey, maybe I can help to promote it!


Zach was diagnosed with a terminal illness. When he received this information, he launched into an amazing period of creativity to share lessons about life.  One of my favorite songs by Zach is

I think about what Zach faced, and how he remained positive. 


What I’m dealing with pales in comparison.  I mean, just because I’ve got a bunch of doctors appointments and tests, does that give me the right to become Ms. Grumpy pants?


I will talk about serious stuff on my podcast, but I will always endeavor to Make It Fun.

Here are the 3 mantras from today’s “Solo Cast Short”:


#1: Put yourself in each others shoes- ask the two questions I forgot to say out loud on Episode 125 (but I put them in the show notes).  Here they are: 

Question 1: Will the boy step into the tree’s shoes* (know and feel the giving of unconditional love)

Question 2: Will the tree step into the boy’s shoes** (know and feel the receiving of unconditional love)

#2: People change, all the time. There is nothing as constant as change.


When I work in my nonprofit Nurture, I tell kids during our “nutrition education classes” that they don’t have to try the broccoli if they don’t want to. But I remind them that their taste buds change all the time. I get a lot of success with this approach. What do you think?


#3: Every sentient being that you encounter is a potential spiritual guide. All you have to do is be ready and open!


I’m curious about your thoughts on my desire to go on a journey inward.  Did I pick the wrong season for this journey?


The song for today’s episode is The Safety Dance. I’ve put the lyrics below with two important lines highlighted. Any other lyrics you’d like to emphasize?


Sticky notes for future episodes: 
- We’re gonna do an EP on Happiness.  Stay tuned!

- Glennon Doyle Melton’s, “it’s not a good idea to protect our kids from pain” concept. I was intrigued when I met her and saw her speak; she’s on to some great ideas.


In this episode, I I mention my Positive on Publishing interview with #1 NYT bestselling author and transformational leader, Marci Shimoff. She has this beautiful “recipe” for manifestation, as follows:

No tension

Listen to the full interview with Marci here (LINK) (so good!). 


The Safety Dance Lyrics

We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't dance
And if they don't dance
Well, they're no friends of mine

Say, we can go where we want to
A place where they will never find

And we can act like we come
From out of this world
Leave the real one far behind

And we can dance
Or sing

We can go when we want to
Night is young and so am I
And we can dress real neat
From our hats to our feet
And surprise 'em with the victory cry

Say, we can act if we want to
If we don't, nobody will
And you can act real rude and totally removed
And I can act like an imbecile

And say, we can dance, we can dance
Everything's out of control
We can dance, we can dance
They're doing it from pole to pole

We can dance, we can dance
Everybody look at your hands
We can dance, we can dance

Everybody's taking the chance

Safety dance

We can dance if we want to
We've got all your life and mine
As long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it

Everything'll work out right

I say, we can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
Because your friends don't dance
And if they don't dance
Well, they're no friends of mine

Well, it's the safety dance

It's the safety dance

Well, it's the safety dance

Well, it's the safety dance

Oh, it's the safety dance

Oh, it's the safety dance

Everybody's taking the chance